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Evan W. Turk 

Founding Attorney and Shareholder


Evan W. Turk, Esq., is a distinguished legal authority known for his proficiency in wealth strategies and strategic insight, an accomplished author, and a savvy entrepreneur.

Evan's career started in Princeton in finance and was trained on Wall Street prior to entering law. He is licensed to practice law in Florida, New Jersey, and is duly admitted to practice in front of the United States Tax Court.

My Story

Where Finance Meets Law

Having commenced his career on Wall Street, where his foundation in finance flourished. This background, seamlessly blended with his legal acumen and tax optimization, has led to a career that's not just about practicing law, but about redefining it by providing practical solutions that transcend traditional legal knowledge. 

Legal Proficiency

Licensed to practice law in Florida and New Jersey, Evan W. Turk brings a deep understanding of the legal dynamics in these areas. Furthermore, his admission to practice before the United States Tax Court reflects his unique experience and intricate tax matters. 

Collaborative Ventures 

Evan W. Turk influence extends beyond his own firm. For matter related to litigation, he proudly stands as of-counsel with the Ticktin Law Group, enriching his perspective through collaboration and shared knowledge. 

Author and Specialist

Evan W. Turk's legal prowess extends beyond conventional practice, he is also an accomplished author. His acclaimed work, "Asset Protection by Design," is a testament to his proficiency in safeguarding assets within a complex legal landscape. 

In the symphony where law, finance and tax optimization harmonize, Evan W. Turk, Esq. orchestrates a melodious opus of success for those who seek his counsel.


+1 (561) 506 9011

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