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Kamelia Boulayoune

International Tax

Kamelia Boulayoune, has charted an exceptional journey across continents, mastering the intricacies of international tax law. Hailing from France and now making her mark in the United States, Kamelia's academic prowess, specialized in-depth knowledge, and professional accomplishments exemplify the very essence of legal excellence. 

My Story

A Foundation of Academic Excellence: 

Kamelia graduated with distinction, earning a double degree in law and economics, demonstrating her unique ability to harmonize legal principles with economic intricacies. Fuelled by her passion for tax law, Kamelia pursued a Master's degree in Tax and Corporate law, delving deeper into the intricate realm of fiscal regulations. 

International Tax Law:

Kamelia's true speciality, however, lies in the sphere of international tax law. Recognizing the paramount importance of transcending geographical borders in today's interconnected world, she dedicated herself to this nuanced field. This journey led her to the United States in Chicago, where she completed a Master of Laws (LLM) in Financial Services Law further enriching her understanding of global financial frameworks. 

Bar Exam and Practical Experience

Kamelia's pursuit of excellence didn't stop with her academic accomplishments. She exhibited her commitment to her legal career by sitting for the New York Bar Exam. While awaiting her license, Kamelia has already amassed invaluable professional experiences in international tax law firm. Her practical engagement in real-world cases has further sharpened her skills and understanding of the intricate tax challenges faced by multinational corporations and entities. 

The story of Kamelia is one of continuous growth, from her academic pursuits in Europe to her practical experiences in the United States. Her journey underscores her specialization in international tax law and her relentless pursuit of excellence. 


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