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Jeanne L. Gambill

Executive Assistant

In a busy law firm like E.W. Turk, the role of an Executive Assistant goes beyond mere administrative tasks. It requires a person of exceptional organizational skills, foresight, and an aptitude for managing complex relationships both internally and externally. This is where Jeanne shines. She embodies these essential qualities, serving as the cornerstone upon which the firm's smooth functioning rests. 

As our Executive Assistant, Jeanne oversees an array responsibilities that range from managing schedules to liaising with clients. She has the critical task of ensuring that our attorneys can focus on their cases, confident that all administrative and operational aspects are handled with utmost care. In essence, she is the glue that holds the various operational elements together, seamlessly integrating them to ensure the firm's success. 

My Story


Jeanne was born and raised in Berea, Ohio, a picturesque suburb of Cleveland. Her journey began with a strong educational foundation, including a stint at Cuyahoga Community College where she took several business courses. 

Initial Career 

She embarked on her professional journey at a local Holiday Inn, displaying both dedication and leadership qualities that saw her rise to the position of Resident Manager by 1978. 

In 1982, Jeanne relocated to Florida to take up a managerial role with Vista Host Inc., a Houston-based hotel management company. Where, she honed her skills as a General Manager, handling multiple properties across different states. 

Family Commitments and Return to Ohio

In 1995, prioritizing, Jeanne moved back to her Ohio roots. She wore the dual hats of a Balancing Manager and a mother, raising her twin boys with the same level of commitment and love she brought to her professional roles. 

The Sunshine State and Financial Advisory 

By 2010, Florida called her back. A year later, she joined Commoncents Wealth Advisors as an Assistant to advisor Cheryl McCarthy, where she became an invaluable asset in the financial advisory sector. 

Characteristics that Define Her Role at E.W. Turk Law Firm 

At E.W. Turk Law Firm, Jeanne brings a combination of experience, intuition and diligence. She understands the intricacies of managing diverse personalities, often opting for common sense solution over mere box-checking. Her meticulous attention to detail ensures that nothing falls through the cracks. She embodies the very characteristics that define a top-notch executive assistant: exceptional organizational skills, meticulous attention to detail, and an innate ability to manage time and resources effectively. 

It's not just her technical skills that make her indispensable, but also her emotional intelligence and the positive energy she brings into the workspace. Jeanne isn't just a team member; she is a crucial component in the well-oiled machine that is E.W. Turk Law Firm. 


+1 (561)-556 5002

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